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Notes to my Daughter

ISBN-10: 0-9827798-0-1

ISBN-13: 978-0982779804


A Dad is the first man a woman learns to love.


NOTES consists of 15 Lessons, each meant to help give the reader an awareness of how everyday actions can transform and shape life. The book touches on self-love, spirituality, responsibility, relationships with men, anger, forgiveness, the power of networking, and a few other key areas. It is inspirational but written in a conversational style. It is future-focused and shares concrete, realistic methods to avoid having certain negative things happen to you. Notes will also resonate with adults, especially the parents of teenagers, because it deals with issues that everyone struggles with at one time or another throughout life. The book briefly, but candidly, addresses issues of sex, the use of drugs and alcohol, and the need to position oneself with other strong individuals to help them get through life. Sex and drugs are taboo discussion for many households, but they both exist and are rampant in the teenage community. David'’s book offers direct confrontation with issues that impact each one of us whether we want them to or not. He wants his daughter as well as other young women to see and understand how their own decisions and choices can help or hurt them and assist them with realizing they have the ultimate power over themselves and their destination.

Notes to my Son

ISBN-10: 0-9827798-3-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-9827798-3-5


A Dad is the first man a son learns to model.


If you are looking for a book to share with your son or a young man who may not have a strong role male role model in his life, then this is the book for you!  Many of today's young men don't have a positive male role model in there homes.  For some that do, for a number of reasons, unlike past generations, they don't get to spend quality time needed that helps develop them and molds them into men.   Through this book, David shares great insight into many of the challenges males  and young men face as they move into adulthood.  The book's lessons openly and candidly discuss male fears, pressures, false beliefs, and situational issues many males face as they go through their journeys of becoming men.  It provides depth and insight into the type of work young men need to put into themselves to be successful.  Notes also directly confronts and questions the dress style of "sagging pants" while engaging the reader in provocative thoughts about faith, fighting, dating, keeping out of trouble, and developing good habits.  This is a must read for any young man who wants to know how to build a road to success. 

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