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David Dixon is the author of Notes To My Daughter and Notes To My Son.  He is a motivational speaker and has spoken to young adults at Denver University, East High School and George Washington High School in Denver.  He has also spoken at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School in Kansas City, as well as high schools in Atlanta, churches and numerous other venues.


He has worked as a manager or consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, as well as two of the Big Four Accounting Firms.   David also has a passion for philanthropies and gained experience working with the popular inner city youth program, Soccer in the Streets, during the 90's.  He also sponsors a child with World Vision International and has done so for close to a decade. 


He started writing his first book, Notes to My Daughter, when his daughter, Kenadi, was only a month old.  Fourteen years later, the idea that once was a personal endeavor to reach only his daughter, has become a tool and catalyst for many parents and daughters to discuss tough questions for teenagers and young adults. 


Currently, David is in the process of publishing the sequel, Notes to My Son, which will be released in March, 2015, and will continue illustrating the themes of the power, self-love, choice, and hope.  He is also working on two novels, Pivotal Moments and CHAOS!


Pivotal Moments is a story about young man who is a thief and part-time drug dealer.  The young man believes that stealing money will bring him good, when in fact, it does quite the opposite.  The book shares events that unfold for him and other characters in his life and the pivotal moments impacting each of their lives based on choices they've made.  His second book, CHAOS!, is an action packed adventure about a terrorist act that takes place in the United States. 


David was born in Denver, CO and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA.  Besides Denver and Atlanta, he’ has also lived in Tempe, Arizona, Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Mo.


David moved back to Denver from Kansas City and currently resides in Castle Rock, CO. He embraces opportunities to speak about live, perserverance, spirituality, and success at high schools and with groups of inner city youth, as well as with teens getting ready to enter college.